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We’ve been meaning to do a review of Singorama since the launch of its 2.0 version in December 2007, since it offers more features and software than other learn-to-sing packages do at comparable prices. The Singorama singing course is composed of 28 audio lessons, 2 lesson books to supplement the audio material, and some added software items. The audio lessons and the two e-books are filled with useful, practical content, and cover every thinkable aspect of singing. A unique thing about Singorama is that it actually teaches you to sing with others, an aspect that other courses neglect.

Singorama offers precise information on singing and features useful voice techniques, warm up tips, info on how to take care of your voice, singing in harmony with others, and other vocal techniques you need to know. We were pleased to see during our review of Singorama, that they include information about going through auditions, dealing with stage fright and anxiety, and how to perform on stage. Singorama also teaches you how to keep from developing bad habits, such as bad posture, breaking between head and chest voices, singing out of tune, keeping consistent tonal quality, etc.

A great aspect we thought would definitely be worth more than a mention in our review of Singorama is the Mini Recording Studio software, which lets you record your own voice, and compare it to the professionally recorded singer tracks that comes with Singorama. The software is easy to use, its loads of fun to hear yourself as compared to professionals, and very useful in recognizing what you need to work on.


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What you’ll learn with Singorama

Like most programs, the books and audio lessons teach you warmups, vocal techniques, how to take care of your voice, perfecting your pitch, etc. However, Singorama also deals with subjects rarely found in other programs, such as personalizing songs, and gives a large number of stage performance tips, such as how to protect your voice during a performance, how to hold a microphone, how to tackle stage fright, how to move on stage etc. It also prepares you for your upcoming auditions, by showing you how to choose the audition song thats right for you, how to prepare for a singing audtion, what to do during the audition etc. Thanks to the the numerous audio tracks that come with the Songorama singing course, you’ll also practice singing in harmony with other singers.

The added software will also help you develop your musical technique and knowledge, for example Perfect Pitch Pro, which develops your hearing, and Jayde Musica Pro, which teaches you how to read music through a game.

Ease of Use

As we were evaluating Singorama for this review, we were pleased to see that the course is very systematic and intuitive, as each lesson build onto the next. The Singorama books also have an easy way to help you learn any song you want to sing, by showing you how to learn them in eight easy steps.

What You Get with Singorama

  • 28 Audio Lessons, with hundreds of audio files
  • 2 books to supplement the audio lessons
  • The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Reading Music e-book
  • Advanced Learning Techniques for Singers e-book
  • Singorama Mini Recording Studio
  • Perfect your Pitch Pro!
  • Jayde Musica Pro
  • Singorama Virtual Metronome software

The audio lessons are very systematic, as can be seen from the lesson plan:

Lesson 1: Introduction and how to understand your own voice
Lesson 2: Warm ups and strengthening the voice
Lesson 3: Breathing and Posture
Lesson 4: Tone
Lesson 5: Pitch, Staying in Tune
Lesson 6: Chest voice and head voice
Lesson 7: Bad Habits to AVOID
Lesson 8: Extending your vocal range: Part 1
Lesson 9: Time signatures, key signatures and rhythm
Lesson 10: Major and minor keys; Solfege
Lesson 11: Intervals and Solfege
Lesson 12: Different styles of singing
Lesson 13: How to Become Great At Singing Harmony with Others
Lesson 14: How to Sing Different Genres of Music
Lesson 15: Understanding the meaning of a song – Part 1: lyrics and overall tone
Lesson 16: Understanding the meaning of a song – Part 2: emotions conveyed through music and how to put your personality into a song
Lesson 17: Making a song your own
Lesson 18: Learning a full song – Part 1
Lesson 19: Learning a full song – Part 2
Lesson 20: Solutions to common problems
Lesson 21: Your Future as a Singer
Lesson 22: Extending your vocal range: Part 2
Lesson 23: Performance tips
Lesson 24: Auditions and how to Ace them!
Lesson 25: Writing Your First Song
Lesson 26: How to sing with a band
Lesson 27: Performance Anxiety
Lesson 28: Final Overview


  • Great array of useful software
  • Schematic step-by-step lesson plan suitable for beginners
  • A well researched course filled with loads of practical information you can put to use straight away, if you are experienced already


  • Can’t setup your own username and password in the members area in their website
  • No video files (but actually, you don’t really need video to learn to sing)

Support Services of Singorama

A nice feature is the email support offered by Singorama. You can email them with your singing speific questions, and they get back to you within 48 hours. Almost like having a personal teacher sort of…


The software works on both PC and MAC, and is easy to install in under a minute.


If you are unsatisfied with Singorama, you are protected by a 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.


  • $99.95 (the equivalent of 2 personal singing lessons)


Summing up our Singorama review, we can say that this singing lesson package proved to be a highly effective vocal coach, combining the advantages of audio tutorials and books with the flexibility and fun provided by the included software. No matter whether you are looking to sing in the choir at church, a school musical, under the shower, or perform at gigs, Singorama will definitely be of value to you. It does not contain as much professional info and tips as the Singing Success System by Brett Manning, but it does contain more software, so at half the price, it’s a viable alternative.

Singorama is a very effective and inexpensive way to learn to sing, or improve your voice if you are already experienced.