is an online video guitar lesson website, that caters mainly to beginner guitarists. There are 12 free video guitar lessons for beginners, which will teach you basic guitar skills and techniques. If you finish this 12 part lesson set, you should be comfortable with most guitar techniques. The website also offers loads of video guitar lessons on popular songs, which is great since learning through playing songs is a very motivating method of teaching the guitar. The guitar teacher at the website is Tom Fontana, who has a very personal and motivating way of teaching the guitar.

The best and most impressive feature we found during our review of, is that every single video guitar lesson contains on-screen animated tabs and chord charts. is the only website we’ve reviewed that has animated tabs, therefore deserves special emphasis. The on-screen info you get during the videos make learning the songs very easy, since you don’t need to press rewind that often.

NEW! $1 membership package
(Updated on Jan/03/2018)
You can presently access all of the video guitar lessons on songs for as low as $1! also offers well-written, and very digestible written information on every aspect of guitar theory for those who are interested. The info given is aimed at beginners, so you won’t find very advanced theoretical information, rather the most important things a beginner would need to get to a strong intermediate level.

During our review of, we also found an online shop filled with guitar and related products for beginners, as well as a large Guitar Pro tabs database (which is totally free to use and download the tabs).


What you’ll learn at

The website is aimed at beginner guitarists, and offers detailed video tutorials on learning all guitar techniques you’ll need to advance to a strong intermediate player. There are 10 beginner video lessons on techniques, and loads of lessons on popular songs. The aim of the website is to teach you the guitar through playing songs, which it achieves very well through its high quality video tutorials, all of which contain on-screen animated tabs, scale and chord charts, making the lessons very easy to follow.

You’ll also learn about various aspects of guitar theory, which is a requirement of advancing as a guitarist.

Ease of Use is very easy to navigate. The video lessons themselves are very easy to follow, thanks to the animated tablature, and Tom Fontanas step-by-step method of teaching.

What You Get with

The website offers 2 levels of membership, the free basic membership, and the premium membership. The value added in the premium membership is that you get access to the video lessons on songs, which is the main feature of the site.

Basic Membership

  • 10 video lessons teaching basic techniques
  • Info on guitar techniques
  • Info on guitar theory
  • Guitar Pro tabs database with 50,000 Guitar Pro song files
  • Jam tracks
  • Online guitar tuner

Premium Membership

As a premium member, you also get access to the following:

  • Video guitar lessons on songs
  • The backing tracks to these songs
  • The tablature you see on the videos
  • 30% discount on the Guitar Pro software
  • Premium guitar tuner software
  • Personal support from Tom Fontana


  • Step-by-step video lessons
  • On-screen animated tabs
  • Great website for beginners
  • Large GP tabs database
  • Tom Fontana personal support


  • If you are already at an intermediate level, some of the video lessons will probably be too easy for

Support Services of

Email support, maximum 24 hour response time. All the letters we wrote were answered by Tom Fontana himself, showing that he is really behind the website.


Videos require flash to be installed on your PC, jam tracks are MP3, tabs to the songs taught are PDF.


  • $1 – Trial membership – Sale Alert!
  • $9 – Monthly membership
  • $27 – 4 month membership
  • $54 – 9 month membership


To conclude our review, we can say that this website, created and maintained by Tom Fontana, is a very good website for beginners who want to learn how to play the guitar. The most impressive feature of the site is that all video lessons contain on-screen animated tablature, which makes the lessons very easy to follow for beginners who are just starting out. The variety of songs you can learn on the website is also great. The lessons are very detailed, and Tom does a good job in keeping the student motivated. is a great website for beginner guitarists. The site focuses on teaching through playing popular songs, with all video lessons containing animated tabs, making it ideal for beginners.