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To kick off our Rocket Piano review, we need to mention that this course is published by the folks who made the Jamorama guitar lesson series, so Rocket Piano is somewhat similar. Your instructor during the course is Ruth Searle, who has been playing the piano for fourteen years, who also has a Bachelor’s degree in Music from the OTAGO University and also a Contemporary Music Certificate from the Christchurch Jazz School. With that said, lets get on with the review of Rocket Piano.

The course is a home study course, centered around 3 books, which are suppemented by audio and video files. The ebooks are a 165 pages for beginners, 65 page intermediate book, and anoher book of 59 pages on advanced piano techniques and aspects. When you finish the book, you should be a fine pianist already, but the course comes with more ebooks on introduction to Jazz, introduction to Gospel and advanced fingering techniques and exercises to complete your studies. The Rocket Piano books are detailed, well written and illustrationed. The audio and video files compliment the e-books well, as they give audio-visual presentations of what you need to do. As you may notice, this course is heavily reliant on reading, and only supplemented by audio-visual aids.

A nice aspect of the Rocket Piano course was that it didn’t just teach the practical playing, but also a sound knowledge of music theory, as well as interesting facts about the piano, its history and how it works. The theoretical info was well integrated into the lessons. You also get several interactive games that help in learning theory and how to read music, which is a nice touch, especially for younger students. One of the extras we loved playing with during our Rocket Piano review was the ear training game.


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What you’ll learn with Rocket Piano

The course offers a step-by-step way for beginners to learn to play the piano, including finger techniques, music notation, piano chords, theory, as well as lessons on how to play gospel and jazz music. The multiple types of lessons help in getting a complete picture of what you need to do and practice.

The well-designed games included cover chord identification, sight-reading, and pitch recognition.

Ease of Use

The Rocket Piano kit is well thought out, and the audio and video files complement the written material really well. However, during our review of Rocket Piano, we seemed to be reading more than we were playing. This is not the case with DVD based piano courses, as can be read in our review of Learn and Master Piano, however, Rocket Piano costs considerably less.

What You Get with Rocket Piano

  • 165 page beginners piano book
  • 65 page intermediate’s book
  • 59 page advanced pianists book
  • 57 video lessons and 133 audio tracks that complement the written material
  • Bonus ebooks: Introduction to Jazz, Advanced Techniques, Fingering Techniques and Exercises, and Introduction to Gospel Piano
  • 26 jam tracks of professionally quality, that you can play along with during your studies
  • Chordinator software – Teaches you how to read piano chords
  • Perfect Your Pitch Trainer Pro – An ear training game
  • Jayde Musica Pro – Shows how to read music
  • Rocket Piano Metronome software – Just another metronome, nothing special
  • Keycelerator – An unadvertised bonus, that helps you learn how to identify chords


  • Downloadable course for instant access
  • A step-by-step method of learning the piano
  • Inexpensive


  • Some of the lessons do not have a video or an animated keyboard.
  • Not compatible with a keyboard or other MIDI device

Support Services of Rocket Piano

Email support


Software works on both Mac and PC


8 week money back guarantee, so if you don’t like it, you just email the publisher for a full refund.


  • $39.95


To sum up our review of Rocket Piano, we can conclude that once you understand how the e-book and corresponding audio works, Rocket Piano can take you from a complete beginner, and equip you with the information and technical skills you need to become an intermediate pianist. The course contains a wealth of information, that will help you learn how to play the piano if you stick with the outlined lesson plan.

If you don’t mind reading a lot, than Rocket Piano is a course you’ll be able to learn the piano with. Don’t get this course if you prefer video instruction, in which case we’d recommend you read our Learn and Master Piano review.

Rocket Piano is an affordable way for complete beginners to learn to play the piano. It is a multimedia course, centered around ebooks and supplemented by videos and audio.