jamplay-logoThis review of Jamplay needs to start with a little history, and comparison. JamPlay is a rapidly advancing site in the online guitar lesson market. Jamplay offers a subscription based service, giving access to hundreds of lessons for the price of membership. The site itself is very similar to Guitar Tricks as you can see in our GuitarTricks.com analysis, with only a few aspects making the 2 sites different. Have a look at this comparison of GuitarTricks vs Jamplay if you want to go into the details.

The website offers guitar lessons for beginners to advanced students in multimedia format. There is a LOT of content on the site, so choosing what you’ll be learning any given day might be a bit challenging.

The most valuable part of Jamplay are the video guitar lessons accessible 24/7. Many instructors teach all styles of guitar playing in a professional and friendly way. If you are looking to learn a specific style of playing the guitar, and don’t know where to start, Jamplay will probably be of help.

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(Updated on Feb/22/2018)
The monthly membership price at JamPlay.com is currently discounted from $29.95 to $19.95!


JamPlay Sample Lessons

And here is a sample of what you can expect the videos to be like at JamPlay.com. Note that on the site itself, all videos are HD quality, the quality of these video lessons is reduced because of bandwidth limitations at our site.


You’ll currently find over 450 hours of video guitar lessons on Jamplay.com. The lessons are given by 45 different instructors, all of whom are knowledgable in what they are teaching. A nice feature is the HD quality material, however, since the lessons can only be streamed, not downloaded, you’ll need significant bandwidth on your end. If you don’t have broadband, you can choose a lower video quality.

The lessons were shot with several cameras, offering a close in view of the hands of the instructor when needed.

You can download supplemental lesson material after every video (chord chart, exercises, tabs, etc.)

The lessons available on Jamplay are divided up into “3 phases” as they named it:

  • Phase 1: Beginners – Lessons for the beginner guitarist
  • Phase 2: Genre Teaching – Lessons for intermediate to advanced guitarists, teaching the specifics of different playing styles
  • Phase 3: Learning Songs – Learning to play songs from famous artists in all styles of music

Most Notable Features

  • Full guitar chord library
  • Instructors regularly answer frequent questions (maybe yours) via video
  • Your member profile keeps track of your progress through the lessons
  • Social network-like way of interacting with other members
  • Active forum, live support chat
  • New lessons made available weekly


  • Huge database of video lessons suitable for beginner to advanced guitarists.
  • Well structured database of lessons.
  • Live lessons daily.
  • Useful guitar tools, such as the scale and chord finders
  • Discount coupons available.


  • Videos and tools not downloadable, as with their main competitor, GuitarTricks.
  • Some older videos are lower quality.
  • A few of the instructors are not as good as the others.


Being a membership based website, where the main interest of the owner is your continuous membership, they offer good and timely support:

  • Quick e-mail support
  • Forum on each lesson page

Ease of Use

The website offers a lot of content, all of which is made available to paying members. The guitar lessons, as well as the supplemental material to each lesson is easy to find and navigate.

The video tutorials are detailed and thorough, sometimes going into too many details, which maked some lessons slow and sometimes tedious.


The server speed is good, however, if you have low bandwidth, the streaming videos may still lag and get frustrating, in which case check out The folks at Jamplay have really made their website accessible and easy to use. Everything is laid out exceptionally well. The site itself is huge, but is still easy to navigate.

Pricing of Memberships

Jamplay accepts all major credit cards as well as Paypal.

Jamplay offers a full money back guarantee for 2 weeks after your payment.


As conclusion for our Jamplay review, we have to say that Jamplay is one of the best online, video based guitar lesson sites on the net. It offers a lot of material covering all topics of playing the guitar, offers good support and acceptable pricing. Jamplay offers a no-questions based money back guarantee, so try them out, and if you’re not satisfied, ust ask for your money back.

Similar to GuitarTricks.com, JamPlay offers tons of video guitar lessons to guitarists of all levels at a VERY reasonable price.